is a Radio DJ and TV Presenter.

When people see Max in a pub, they sometimes come up and ask him some questions. These are those questions answered.


1. Are you that bloke off Soccer AM?


2. Really?


3. That must be fun?


4. How did you get that?

(Short answer) Right place, right time.

(Medium answer) Got into radio after Uni, did lots of that. Did some TV. Sent a showreel to Sky Sports. Got offered Soccer AM.

(Long answer) Always said i’d be Des Lynam when i was growing up. Didn’t really do anything about it until I finished University, although I was the sports editor of the student newspaper. Went home to Cambridge, started turning up at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for no money. After a few weeks, got to read the football news one afternoon.

Started doing a post-grad journalism degree while continuing to work at Radio Cambridge. Started presenting shows. Did the longest ever radio show (6 days). Moved to BBC London 94.9 as a reporter/newsreader. Asked the boss for a show every month.

Eventually got the overnight show. Then they ran out of famous people, so was given the breakfast show. Did a couple of Fighting Talks on Five Live. Started doing TV for BBC London News and Inside Out on BBC1. Then got binned from the breakfast show cos Paul Ross turned up. Quit the BBC. Got the late show at TalkSport. Got offered Soccer AM.

5. What does Tubes actually do?


6. What's Helen like?


7. Can I work for Soccer AM?

I don’t really decide that. The best thing to do is to email with your CV.

8. How do I get into the media?

First off, I’d recommend going to University. I did that and did a post-grad journalism degree. They’re by no means essential, but they’re fun and mean you’re just slightly more certain of what you want to do.

I’d also say start somewhere small – local paper or local radio. There are fewer people there, so you have do stuff. If you start somewhere big, you might find yourself just making tea and not really doing much, cos people are busy, and they can’t rely on someone who has no experience. That doesn’t mean you might not get lucky. But get as much experience from wherever you can.

You need to be really lucky, but also never give up. I sent about 8 demos to radio one, before they got me in for a pilot (on the day i didn’t nail it which was really frustrating), and Capital Radio offered me a show and the next day, the boss left so I never got it. And you never know when someone will come and give you a break (you also never know when they’ll take it away).

Oh and be nice to everyone.